Budget-and-Cashflows-spreadsheet-version1.xls application/

Six month and three year cash flow budgets and operating budget.

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Expense.xls application/

Expense Claim Form.

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Profitability.xls application/

Customer Profitability Analysis template analyses the overall profitability of different customer areas/divisions.

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Sales-tracker-template.xls application/

A simple way to track your sales targets and make comparisons with actual sales. It can be used by a business owner or by a sales executive to track overall sales or sales activities against targets. It automatically generates the variance between the two as a cash figure and as a percentage.

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Sensitivity-Analysis-Template.xls application/

Use this template to show the impact of particular changes on your business plan.

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Statement.xls application/

Profit & Loss statement for month/year with column for prior year and budgeted figures.

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networth.xls application/

Statement of net worth for individuals.

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overheads.xls application/

This spreadsheet will help you to analyse the overheads your business is likely to incur, in a format suitable for inclusion in your Business Plan.

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payments.xls application/

This spreadsheet will help you to record and analyse payments made by your business.

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pettycash.xls application/

This spreadsheet will help you to record and analyse petty cash expenses for your business.

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cash-flow-planner.xlsx application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet

Detailed cash flow wizard for SME's including 2 year forecast and graphs.

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